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The jurisdictionally tailored platform for Landlords in Canada

Experience simplified rental management with our all-in-one solution designed just for you.

Simple and Rewarding Renting

Automated Property Management

Discover efficiency and ease in managing various aspects of property management – right out of the box.

Auto-Generate & Digitally Sign Leases

Auto-generate government standard leases and send for digital signature.

Your Jurisdiction's Tenancy Processes Made Easy

LeaseFriendly adjusts to your region’s specific needs and regulations, providing you with the tools to navigate compliance responsibly.

Screen Applicants To Find The Best Fit

Instant tenancy screening features allow you to run credit checks, ID verification, and more on potential tenants you’d like to rent to.

Grow Lasting Relationships

Advanced communication tools leading the way into a new era of landlord-tenant relations. Enable positive interactions, creating a vibrant community that adds value to everyone’s rental experience.

Auto-Store and Organize Documents & Insurance

Auto-store and organize building and tenant documents. View your tenants’ insurance policies in real-time to ensure they’re active and up to date. Automate reminders for policy renewal and more.

Tenancy processes just got easier
with simple property management modules

Become a LeaseFriendly Early Adopter
Experience one-time benefits

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Early Access

Gain first access to the platform before anyone else - take it for a spin and share your input directly with the founders.

Staff Training

Free staff training and onboarding, along with a dedicated support manager to quickly get your team up to speed.

Tenant Onboarding

Experience seamless tenant onboarding. We'll help you transition all your current tenants smoothly.

Experiential Set Up

Digital and print materials for tenants showcasing your commitment to excellence.